Philips Hue Beyond Review [LED Lamp + Millions of Colors!]

Get the Hue Beyond:
The Philips Hue Beyond LED line includes a table lamp, ceiling lamp, and hanging pendant that allows you to set the scene with mood lighting and warm white task lighting. The Hue Beyond connects to your home network by way of the Hue Bridge, which lets you control it from iOS, Android, and Kindle devices from anywhere in your home (or even when you’re away from home!) The unique thing about the Hue Beyond is that it has two independent light sources – an uplight and a downlight – which allows you to create a near endless mix of colors to match your mood, event, paint on the walls, or functional lighting for work or a task at hand.

You can also set timers, alarms, and even connect the lamp to a variety of apps and services by authenticating it to your IFTTT account.

I bring you a look at the Hue Beyond table lamp, and the Hue Beyond hanging pendant in this episode, showing you how to put it together, how to set up the Hue Beyond, and how to control it with the Hue app.

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Tokyo Metallize says:

I think the products are so cool. But it’s just too expensive…

reprotector says:

Hey Andru, great review! What about a review of 3rd party apps for the Philips Hue system? I’ve Philips Hue bulbs for quite some time and I finally decided to launch an app I’ve been working on. Check out “Lights for Philips Hue” on the App Store:

VictorSteiner says:

How much will a spare lamp be after this one burns out? It’s not a standard lamp. Anyone knows?

123san1 says:

At this price does not make sense

face of just ice says:

was that yellow actually look yellow? cause the color bulbs do do real yellow

IAmNotAFunguy says:

Do the Philips Hue Phoenix next.

Scott Bitters says:

I like the looks. $400 bucks is kinda expensive

Jeffrey Wharton says:

The white doesn’t work with my interior design. I do see that it turns whatever color you set it too. Too modern for my taste. Don’t like the bi domed top either. No thank you.

Matthew K. says:

$400?!? No, thank you!

Ejaz Shamid says:

Basic Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

1. ⌘C = Copy
2. ⌘V = Paste
3. ⌘X = Cut
4. ⌘A = Select all
5. ⌘Z = Undo
6. ⌘⇧Z = Redo
7. ⌘Tab = Switch programs
8. ⌘` = Next window in current program
9. ⌘W = Close window
10. ⌘N = New window/document
11. ⌘S = Save document
12. ⇧⌘S = Save document as…
13. ⌘O = Open document
14. ⌘P = Print document
15. ⌘Q = Quit program
16. ⌘Spacebar = Open Spotlight
17. ⌘⇧N = Create new Folder
18. ⌘Delete = Delete Files
19. ⌘⇧Delete = Empty Trash
20. ⌘, = Open Preferences
21. ⌘←, ⌘→ = Move to start/end of line
22. ⌘↑, ⌘↓ = Move to top/bottom of document
23. ⌘⇧3 = Capture entire screen
24. ⌘⇧4 = Capture custom area
25. ⌘⇧4 Spacebar = Capture window
26. ⌥⇧K = 
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Willi Kampmann says:

Unfortunate that there is no standing lamp variant.

Felix Medersten says:

Can these boyond lamps have the same color/white spectrum as the hue e27 or is IT like Bloom and iris whit less colours in the white, regards

PhotoMusicMan says:

Thanks for this review. Which Philips Hue app do you use please?

Greg Spradlin says:

I have a hue network, 3 strips, 6 hue bulbs, a bloom and white ambience light (for a closet). There is an area I think the beyond lamp would work great in, but can I really justify $400 for something I could get a better effect from, for much cheaper with an ikea lamp fixture? I just don’t think I can justify that. I do like the design of this lamp, but with limitations in color from the hue bulbs, I just don’t think this generation is ready. I wish the bulbs had the color capabilities of the strips. If they were to that level, I would honestly probably jump on this.

Azafox says:

qua qua qua br br ….

joembush says:

Nice review. The lamp seems nice at first glance, but I think it’s a bit gimmicky. Finding a lamp you like and putting your own bulbs in gives you more freedom. Especially on the day with the lamp stops working. I’d rather replace a bulb than need a whole new lamp.

Also, I’d rather Philips stuck with bulbs instead of trying to create fashion lamps. There are several standards that still don’t have Hue bulbs, so I’m stuck with boring old LED’s in several fixtures.

nicole b says:

Thanks, I am thinking about getting this for my son’s room

paradoxdesigns says:

really cool light, but that base is gigantic for something to use on a PC desk.

Azafox says:

qua qua qua br br ….

Pascal Zeuke says:

Philips Living Ambiance is much better than this…Philips Hue/Beyond doesent support green colours! Every insider knows this…I think my House is uniquer than yours!

Стефан Георгиевски says:

Hmm nice lamp but i like rgb led strips more btw great vid keep it up ☺

Jim O says:

The cool factor went out the window when you mentioned the price. I could see spending about $150 for a lamp but $400, Ouch.

Grandphooba says:

I love the Hue lights I have but anything else I want to add is so cost prohibitive. I wanted to add some of the light strips next for our desk setups. I like the ideas of these lights, but ouch on that price.

CompleteAccess_iOS says:

It’s be cool if they incorporated the bridge into the base of the lamp, given the price and size of the lamp. It probably has enough room in the base…

muzz brudr says:

I really like this Lamp thanks for the review, very nice in the evenings for sure. Actually gets addictive too lol.

ShinySwordStorm says:

Hue Bridge: $60
Some Generic Table Lamp: $80
Hue Bulb: $60
= $200
….this don’t add up…

PhotoMusicMan says:

Mine is on order.

JoinMax says:

you rock man! Great video

ludogiuly says:

Beyond any fucking reasonnable price!!

Not CavnFox says:


Brian G Johnson TV says:

SO FUNNY!! So I am researching LED lights and after 90 seconds, I realize it Andru! Think I am going to get one of these!

StroopWafflez says:

I have a lot of hue lights, I want one of these so bad but $400 is fuckin ridiculous for a small lamp lmao. Phillips seeing how far they can push it? The whole series of lamps and stuff are stupidly expensive compared to the other hue stuff. For that amount you can buy so many regular hue lights

Adolphus Lester Jr says:


Robert says:

You had me hooked until the $450.00 price.

DJMinor5000 says:

All three products not worth what they cost. Way over-priced!

Plmkoo says:

since I have nothing else to say

HellFire says:

the lucky 8

Klutz-CSGO and More says:

Nice vid #first

Dead Inside says:

Time to oil up

Jesse Rutherford says:

I agree amazing and then the price ouch

Curtis Shaw says:


Chris Cas says:

400 dollars for a desk lamp!?

Georges Mougharbel says:

This is a 199$ item not 400$ .

Brandon Rochez says:

The lights doesn’t turn green at all, the switch on the Hue desk lamp that I have doesn’t work, but I still love it.

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