Lighting EVER: Touch Sensitive LED Dimmable Desk Lamp

Looking for a new desk lamp? You might want to check out this cool touch lamp that swivels around and has a USB port to play.

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Timebox clock –

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– RGB LED Lights –
– Video Camera –
– Game Chair –
– Headphone –
– PC Monitor –
– Microphone –
– Cam Link –
– Keyboard –
– Monitor –
– Tripod –
– Mouse –
– Wifi –
– Clock –
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CTP says:

Awesome review. Super cool product

Manish Desai says:

Thanks for the video. I spend more than 24 hours researching on lamps and finalised to buy Lampat as it also has 90+ CRI and 530 lumens light but this video made me pause with a wow. You have any idea of light lumens of this and CRI? Please reply as soon as possible

Elin Hu says:

Great review !

Arturo Rios says:

can you replace the light bulb?

Alex1989m says:

Really like the warm tone.

omottoke says:

sold! i like to draw and my husband plays pc and is sometimes bothered by the room light being on when I’m drawing. also sketching, using a led pad, i hate to get up and turn on the light just to find something on my desk or see how my work is going. definitely going to purchase this!!!!!!!!!!!

肖方 says:

compare to this one : ,which one you like more

AttnJack says:

You sold me!!

HiTechKing says:

this is a must have :0

吴龙 says:


Maniac says:

Nice lamp but i got the Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp 2 for 39$ and i can control it via the app and set timers and more.

BOOOM266 says:

0:50 *That’s What She Said*

Elena Ferrari says:

Cool. I end up with the Lumiy Lightblade lamp. Super super bright lamp.

Rohan Das says:

Awesome Work Alberto!

agent1atl says:

Cool…. but not $47.00 cool. Thanks for the review! Always good to be alerted that you released a video.

Podcastage says:

First? Did I do it? Probably not.

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