LED Potion Desk Lamp Review | Something Every Geek Needs

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Soundtrack: “Lights Flashing By” by Gunnar Johnsén

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Armen Avakyan says:

Wow that actually does look really cool, great video David 🙂

Nick Weaver says:

Very Nice Please Reply

Drew Grow says:

Very cool lamp

Who Are You ! says:

would not pay £79 for it

PatchVisuals says:

I think this would be better if it was around two minutes long 🙂

Mr. Shawn says:

Great Video, David! The quality of your videos have been getting better since being in PA. More B-Roll would be nice.

Dark-Mist14 says:

I love it I’d want one my self

randomrazr says:


Joseph Fawcett says:

oooh very nice david

Justin Williams says:

Very nice! Also I enjoyed the demo at the end.

chas1nonly says:

It is on sell on think geek right now for about $20, but I don’t think it shows up in their item list.

AdmUp says:

Have you ever thought about writing a short synopsis of the products on amazon and then adding a link to your video review?

Samantha Rasmussen says:

I love this!!!

David Farinick says:

Nice light . Hey did you get my package ? It should be there by now

VictorT says:

I just bought this!!

Vinnie Sims says:

The shape of the light is interesting…

688755 says:

That emblem is in the FBI database. You should consider look it up. Child trafficking and such

Carter Owen says:

That light shot was sexy!

Brock The Jock says:

You love lights? This video hit me like a ton of bricks…Lights out!!! What trash!! People don’t actually support you on patreon for this type of garbage content.

Donny Musto says:

And It Just Works!

Campwise05 says:

That looks like a nice display piece and a conversation starter if someone saw that in your house!

Deanna Slim says:

I love your videos keep them coming.

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