LE Dimmable LED Desk Lamp Lamp Review


I got this lamp because of its minimalist design, versatile adjustments for lighting hard-to-light areas and can because it can shine up to 500 lumens max. But is it really worth the investment?

Well for starters let’s talk about build quality. The lamp has two black aluminum shafts. Connected to these are 3 plastic hinges. And a plastic base-plate which has a matte finish. On the back side lies the 12 V DC port. And finally underneath has sponge pads that keep the system in place.

To turn on the lamp you press the power button which has a small red LED that always illuminates just in case if you ever need to find the lamp in the dark.

The lamp has a brightness toggle and 4 different light toggles, “switch mode, studying, reading and relaxing.” Relaxing mode is a sort of nice yellow-ish color that typically is seen in incandescent and florescent light bulbs. The Reading mode appears to have a more traditional LED lighting look to it. Studying mode is a light that seems a little more yellow than reading mode. And then there’s switch mode which switches modes when brightness is adjusted with yellow light being the lowest brightness setting to a more white light being at its highest brightness setting.

With brightness setting you have 7 different brightness levels: (52%, 60%, 68%, 76%, 84%, 92%, 100%). From my personal preference I typically leave the light at middle setting because I don’t really like messing around with brightness levels… but I find it to be a nice feature to have especially in situations when your in the dark and the light is too bright to read something or whenever it’s pitch dark and you don’t want murder your eyes.

Here are some shots of this coffee cup at 100% brightness I took at a half second shutter speed (0″ 5), 100 ISO at f/3.5 (in video). As it appears in the pictures, studying mode appears to have the brightest, reading mode the second brightest, and relaxing mode the less brightest but the most elegant of the two.

The hinges do exactly what exactly what it says on the box. From 340° of turning, 180° with vertical rotation, 150° of lamp arm movement to revolving 270° around itself. The only critic I can say about this is to watch out for bending it too far to where the base-plate losses its balance and causes it to tip. A practical solution to this to place an object onto the plate to even out the weight.

Overall I’m impressed with this lamp. Although out of the box when first testing out the lamp was kinda confusing, it turns out to be a product with no practical or personal complaints other than little finger smudges the base-plate receives. It once again has that minimalism design that attracts many customers. And for that I give Lightning Ever a thumbs up for that.

I received this product for an honest, unbiased review.


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Steven Chow says:

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Arice Cho says:

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Tak Giant says:

Nice Video Dude… Thumbs Up.

Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

Can you change the light bulb on this?

Josh TechGamer says:

hey great video are you new at you tube

April Dhirzo says:

Does it have directions on how to clean the product?
Is it ready to use?

David Phung says:

Thanks for the review! 🙂

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