I Found The Best Desktop Lamp For $40

I Found The Best Desktop Lamp For $40
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Flossy Carter says:

#Squad Roll Call

King x Koa says:

Just got mine. For some reason I didn’t get a good quality power cord. Just a basic black cord. Not red. Not braided. Minus one star for that on Amazon cause #salty. Thanks for showing this Floss! Been looking for a desktop lamp

F Szabo says:

Thanks Floss! I’ve been looking for a new desklamp. Hate the one I got, some home depot garbage it’s hard to adjust so I don’t even adjust it, otherwise its flipping over and knocking over sht and pissing me off. I just bought the same in black!

Rico NextLevel says:

Major Go!

Michael Marquez says:

Haha my phone dims when u turn the light on great vid!

Kenneth Frierson says:

They raise the price 5 dollars the same day this was posted…

MikeBachful says:

Im subbed for xerx


I don’t need a desk lamp but damn you Flossy, I bought one.. lol

Vikings426 says:

Yo floss they have a new one of these with a wireless phone charger on the base

ramcy queyqp says:

keeping it flossy yo

AJ Borgen says:

cool review. with usb ports.. nice lamp. thanks

Gerard Haughey says:

wow I really like this lamp a lot.. most likely will buy this one. thx for this review..

Amen Avalos says:

This lamp is dope

jamari carr says:

Floss, Are you gonna do a real review for the oneplus 5t??

TheMegaphone77 says:

yo I think you cats collar is too tight. none of my cats breath that hard when they’re just sitting there.

Ws Tang says:

It is good if they removed the front logo…

davrosmetalfan says:

Yo Floss! There’s a website on Facebook called The Gaming console. It’s selling the Street Fighter arcade stick. The one with six hundred games. In the advert they use some of you’re vid. Just wondered if you knew!

Clinton Sammy says:

Drives white shoes!

Roger Moore says:

Another hilarious video!

Eva Ward says:

great vid. i actually went with the lumiy lightblade lamp. a bit more expensive but the lamp is soooo freakin bright. brightest lamp ever!!! http://www.businessinsider.com/best-desk-lamp

Steve Van Nevele says:

Wa Nice lamp bro Thanks for shairing with us

Pashlit L says:

I might actually get this lamp. Pretty cool. Thanks Floss.

B. Cherry says:

Had my lady get it for my B-Day. #Sexy

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