Fugetek LED Desk Lamp Review

It’s time to review the Fugetek LED Desk Lamp.
Check out the Lamp for yourself! – https://fbit.co/3a94


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Veronica Romano says:

This was a great video my boyfriend needs a lamp so I’ll be buying this for him for Xmas

Squirmpi says:

What is the name of the program that changes the color temperature of your monitor?

Danny Danny says:


What does Britt think?
You guys could review things together 🙂

oh, yeah, she already has a super awesome ring light in her room 😀

but how does it compare?

Whiskey Mutt says:

what is the program you use for your screen. i work on a computer all day, so does my boyfriend. im ordering us each one of these lights because i suffer from intolerable migrains from staring at the screen. i then come home and stare at the screen more since im a graphics artist as well. (i drew you guys a pic like last year in pencil of jack nora and oscar and sent it in. i think brit hung it) so my poor eyes strain all the time.

Da868 says:

If I had money I think I’d get that! Thanks for showing it!

durthacht says:

Nice video Mike. Hope you all get back on track financially after the ads issue on YouTube. Love your videos. Best wishes.

Rejecx Nation says:

That is pretty neat

VSeVen says:

professional video man. looks great

Laura MacKenzie says:

This product looks great! Off to search for the same or very similar available here in the UK.
Love all your vlogs and your channel. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you all. You guys are brilliant x

Danny Danny says:

Bright Ideas! 🙂

Alyssa Growden says:

I love ur review vids there always entertaining and totally honest! Ur so genuine that it makes sponsored videos actually fun to watch 🙂

Deudz Loves Poods says:

omg imma start getting pocket money so i can get this!

Juanjo Pareja says:

Mis 10. Me sirivió

ColliePawz says:

the light looks cool

Robert GatesC says:

Mike, I saw this light on another vlogger’s channel as they did a sponsor deal with them as well, and he loves it. And to be honest, I am bordering on getting one, as I am TOTALLY not lit up at the moment. I like the fact that it has quite a bit of options and is adjustable. Thumbs up from me.

Taffycat1 says:

I enjoyed the review very much, and would really like to purchase this really cool lamp. But aarrgh! Here in the UK I only see “look-a-like” products (in Amazon.uk.) Would you guys happen to know whether the company has any plans to sell their lamp over here please? Crossing our fingers – and the cats’ tails. 🙂

Meliodas2g says:

try a gunner

Mooney says:

great review bro 🙂

phanthaom says:

you sir just sold me a lamp

Jellal Scarlet says:

this is awesome I love this chanel

Daisy Simmer says:

Do you guys have a snapchat?

Alyssa Growden says:

I love ur review vids there always entertaining and totally honest! Ur so genuine that it makes sponsored videos actually fun to watch 🙂

CraigSegger says:

I actually enjoyed watching this review, keep up the good work Mike

Denna Simon says:

I checked it out and it is $17.99

chirp6470 says:

Where can you get that lamp? I hope at Wal-Mart, CVS,or the corner store, any where but not only on line. Chirp

Lewis Stone says:

I thought it would be like £60 wow

Calob .Urquidi says:

i just loved how you put brittany into your vlog of her sleeping with the lamp on, lol im cracking up!

Purple says:


MayKitsune says:

This is actually pretty cool. I’m probably going to get it for a gift for my boyfriends sister that does a lot of late night art for school. Is there a way to directly affiliate it with you?

Calob .Urquidi says:

i hope you get a product that represents solar.

AlfieCraft says:

Looks pretty cool. Will buy when I move house

Lissie Walkin says:

i’ve been looking for a nice desk lamp for quite some time. i immediately bought it after seeing your honest review! please do more reviews on your channel

BritishJam says:

This light actually looks good! I might check this out! <3

Ella and pink Minecraft Gaming says:

my dad has it! it’s cool!

Amy says:

NEED. Gonna go order right after this video.

Muttie Ro says:

Great job Mike…didn’t you could change the color temp…this will be great for my husband who works early hours on the computer while I sleep….LOL….I will have to get my husband and son to check out lamp…..do you by chance know the price?

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