Brightech – Circle LED Lamp Review

The best light for your money.

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StephDRX says:

Is this the silver one or the white one? Don’t know which one to choose between black, white and silver…
Great video by the way!!

Ken C says:

It’s now $30 on Amazon. Great video!

Isaiah Campbell says:

wish I could get this in Canada. But it is not available on the Canadian amazon or anywhere else for that matter. 🙁

Luis J. Nuñez says:

and again… a short video but so damn good lol

Algeria Queens says:

hello i like this cercle led lamp, It’s saad we do not have these stuff in Algeria I have searched a lot of LED circle to make my videos with many more qualities but I have not find a LED circle in our country we are obliged To shoot our videos with daylight or with a simple LED light good luck my friend

Rahul Nair says:

Man, I don’t believe I’m the first one to like this vid!
Keep making stuff like this!

ManoloVillegas says:

trying to be Jonathan Morrison

Lil Nicky says:

You look like you’re going to hurt me

Nuno Peixoto says:

Your videos are very good man!

Geek or Gaming says:

how did you do the rainbow fading effect at the end of the viedo? pls tell me…

Jonny Appleseed says:

Awesome video man I was looking at some of your other videos and wondering what light you used to get that effect.. I might have to get one of these now. Keep up the amazing work man!

ame7272 says:

I like Jenkins more than the lamp lol

freemanslim says:

Is the base made of metal?

iEatsZombiez says:

is it supposed to be white or a yellow light?

TacNoob says:

This was the worst “amateur allure” video i’ve ever seen

emmafastlife says:

Where are you filming with?

TCONJ says:

Hey man, definitely subbed! I loved the quality of the video and its editing, the music, and your voice overs! Definitely reminds me of Jonathan Morrison, who I love as well. Keep it up

TechXclusive says:

Congrats on 1k Bro!

mj says:

Brighttech makes some pretty cool lamps. I’ve got one of the sky torch floor lamps. Never thought lamps would excite me.

TechXclusive says:

Dope man! Ordered mine yesterday! You should check out my channel:D

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