BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading Lamp Review – £90 for a desk lamp?

Today Silas takes a look at the BenQ ScreenBar – a very attractive, if rather expensive lamp which you can attach to your monitor.

Can it possibly be worth the £90 asking price?

Read our full review over on here: COMING SOON!

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Noshi says:

£20, hell yeah. £40 okay I guess. £90? umm no… I can’t believe they are charging that much for a freaking lamp.

SimpleMan :Roy: says:

This is worth it ! awsome

Tonton Vergara says:

Very informative video!..


muy muy buen video, buena info

Rezkiani Mangatta says:

Kereeennn. Tapi $90 kalau dirupiahkan, ya jadi banyak 😀

Astrid Mejias says:

Muy bueno saludos desde Vzla

Leonis Bacher says:

I’ll just find acheap chinese one on gearbest thanks for the idea

Apex says:

Nice product but overpriced.

Cartoonman154 says:

Just buy a rigid USB led strip £5, switch £2.50, cheap webcam and mount £4.69. Gooseneck lamps.

Hanniffy Dinn says:

There will be a 10 dollar China clone for this , it’s overpriced as fuck

Igor gameplay says:

Eu acho que compensa,isto clareia

Jimmy Creedog says:

nice product, first

FloorManiac says:

Thanks. I would have never known this existed.

Hector Gomez says:

The only use I see for this, is if your keyboard doesn´t have any backlighting. To me, it would make more sence to buy a backlit keyboard instead of spending about $100 USD for this light.

Afraheem Khan says:

interesting video by introducing new

zens roestanz says:

Informasi sangat bermanfaat perlu di ingat terus

MrIvanpz says:

very good review , i like it

Largatixa Elétrica says:

Verygood good good very more

Franciisco LAMAR says:

is it worth to spend £90 for a desk lamp?

ledgeri says:

This should be usable with a litle progam from the PC what it used on. Actually, as i am sitting, i can not reach the top of my monitor, but my mouse…

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