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The coolest feature of this new Annt LED Desk Lamp is the glare-free LED panel with 96 tiny LEDs- that produce a wonderful smooth light panel- just like the one on the Kindle Paperwhite. It is such a nice light to read or work by. Thanks to Annt for sending us this Smart Touch LED Desk Lamp to try out.

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Log Home says:

Just ordered one, looks like a great desk lamp.

samz1069 says:

I’m glad you showed us all the features how about actually using it for its intended use? I am confused I don’t know whether I should buy it or not? Please give us an update after a week or so of use would be helpful! Have you ever thought about using a five star rating system similar to Amazons or if you were to buy it on Amazon what you would give it?

Darin Mendez says:


Chuck Reynolds says:

Still trying to figure out which one to buy (buying two of them, one for either side of my desk) as i work late at night at my desk so… concerned about the direct glare but want them high enough so my desk is lit and not have shadows when drawing/typing/writing/etc.

photolabguy says:

How long do you get to keep this lamp before you have to return it?

Melchi Zedeq says:

looks like a nice lamp for lighting for YouTube videos.

Anna Obi says:

9th comment

devlinger says:

Does it put out a lot of heat?

Anna Obi says:

under 301 club

Blue_Dream_ says:

Seems like a really good product, but it’s hard to justify the 56 dollar price tag. I think the classic 10-20 dollar flexis work just fine for most people’s use. Maybe an architect or an artist might benefit from the better quality light/maneuverability.

blingn007 says:

looks like it also rotates about the stem which you did not mention. There is a joint on the last section near the light.

Sarah Glenn says:

good video

Leohart says:

Isn’t this the same as saicoo led lamp?

scot marq says:

I found it, and ordered on Amazon thanks!

scot marq says:

Where is link??

Rosser Wrenn says:

Nice lamp, looks like a great college student gift.

stonedcommander says:

Ordered it yesterday after watching this, thanks for the tip.

Erin Nieno says:

Nice at first, but with all the tiny 96 LEDs it just made the lamp like overhead and die on me. I got a replacement, but still dubious how long its going to last.

floyd2386 says:

I just ordered one on November 16 (2016) and got it today on the 18th. I was very impressed how quickly it got shipped out and it only had to go from Illinois to Wisconsin. Unfortunately the arm is broken at the part that connects to the base and the joint above it. The box was shipped in a plastic bag, it’s hard to say if it was damage before or after shipment. I’ll have to wait until Monday November 21st to hear back from Annt, I’ll try to keep this up to date.

MagenticArcanine says:


Lara Patel says:


mumpen says:

Parris looks good in his 420 shirt.

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