Anker Lumos E2 LED Desktop Lamp (Product Review )

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Lumos E2

The Premium Eco-Friendly LED Desk Lamp

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Lumos E2 is built with power-saving LEDs that have a 50, 000-hour lifespan, allowing up to 20 years of use. Using 75% less energy than incandescent lighting, Lumos is the perfect eco-friendly lighting partner for any desk.

Adjustable Light Modes

Choose from 4 color modes with 4 dimming levels to find the perfect light setting to suit your needs. Lumos is designed with a touch-control system that allows you to adjust light setting with ease.

Premium Design

Lumos is built with aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy, allowing a sturdy, sleek build that complements any professional workspace. A rotating base, double-hinged arm and swiveling LED panel let Lumos bend, twist and turn so you can point the light exactly where you want it.

Eye-Protection Technology

Enjoy even, non-flickering light for stress-free productivity and down-time. Lumos E2 is built with a light diffuser and guiding plate that prevent light flicker and harmful glare, protecting you against eye fatigue, strain and irritation.


sishon says:

great review, thanks!


Love this concept, but sadly not available in Germany (only with high shipping costs) T_T

Jesus Hernandez says:

If you don’t mind me asking, what is your line of work? I saw you drawing some blueprints in the video and got curious if you were an architect or something like that.

Nicholas Thompson says:

make corn hole boards please

capitalf123 says:

I was on the fence on buying this lamp for drawing at my desk. I remembered that you did a video review so I had to come back and check it out. Just purchased with your link. Appreciate the review.

isaac otoya says:

how many Lumens does it bright?

Hải Linh Nguyễn Trần says:

are you an achitect?

Sebik says:

great video man ! i love your videos

Neitenth says:

What’s the maximum clearance under the light strip with the arm fully extended?

MrZimma frame says:

I can’t buy one in the UK/England

pcfreak1992 says:

Does the light remember the color temperature mode when you turn it off and back on again?

VampireOnline says:

I’m so happy I found your channel. Really great builds and I’ve been looking for a desk lamp, but didn’t want to lose and desk space. I hadn’t ran across a lamp like this. Thanks!

Cheeky Bottoms says:

would this be bright enough for a greenscreen to work properly?

Felix Hovda says:

Nice to have a change, not hating though. Nice review!

Nicholas Thompson says:

or make a dog house if you have a dog

itsKyle says:

You should make a dog house

jaimeuntitled says:

Good review, really enjoying the videos. Keep it up

Zeppish says:

Are you an architect? Or were those plans for projects?

Lion Rønnow says:

I wudve bet my life that you are a woodworker. :/

CDP135Z says:

What kind of work do you do that requires you to work on the blueprints?

TheWoodWerker says:

Sweet! Have A Super Week!….. Gus

peter griffen says:

Bad ass review. Your videos are very helpful for us beginners. Keep it up and keep them coming. Love the light I’ll probably order it for my office.

faruk ramadani says:

nice video like allways .

emailausdrucker says:

thanks for the review.

Raymond Hall says:

guess who just bought this lamp?? one guess!!!

arnold kokonya says:

I like that lamp. It almost looks like it is something you would make, Glen. Anyway, great video just as always.

Joe basement woodworking says:

something was telling me you were an engineer of some sort when I first started watching your Channel.. Are you an engineer?? Of some sort LOL and congrats on being sponsored should have happened a long time ago in my opinion. Good Stuff Glenn and that’s a REALLY sweet light! good stuff bro!

Master Basser says:


MrUnEvenGamer says:

setup tour plz ??

sjankis630 says:

Thank you for your review. I was having trouble finding any review for this lamp and now that I saw yours I decided to buy it.

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